Breast Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery Training

In august 2017 a symposium on oncoplastic surgery was held in Jokjakarta. After that symposium the question raised how to implement this in Indonesia and how we can improve the oncological practice in general and especially breast cancer care in general. Also is it possible to reduce the so-called medical tourism?

BORST was established with the collaboration of

IDGNHealth (Drs T Tan)

Rumah Sakit Kanker “Dharmais” in Jakarta (Prof Dr Samuel J Haryono)

Universitas Gadjah Mada in Jokjakarta (Prof Dr Teguh Aryandono)

PERBEPI (ID Society of breast surgeons)

Members of the board are

Dr A.N.van Geel, Dr Bayu Brahma, Dr Kristanto Yuli Tarsi, Dr Mikko Larsen

A MoU was signed.

Main goal of BORST is to develop a post graduate course for doctors like the Dutch School for Gynaecological oncology since 12 years.

The main topics to start with are

Education of specialized breast surgeons, incl skills training

Creating multidisciplinary breast cancer teams

Developing dedicated breast clinic

Education breast cancer nurses

Preparations are ongoing with the first course scheduled in 2019


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