Our Vision at Indonesian Diaspora Global Network Health (IDGNH)


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We believe that good health and well-being are the cornerstones of a happier life and brighter future. Every Indonesian, independent of age, gender, ethnicity, social status and/or religious background should experience this change. Despite strong economic growth during the past decades, healthcare, clean water and sanitation are not equally available, particularly in the rural areas of Indonesia.

Our historical and individual relationship of the board members through their roots or special interest with Indonesia and our strong relationship with Indonesian society and medical experts in The Netherlands gives us the capacity to realize our vision.

Our mission

Offering practical solutions for the needs of the Indonesian people by bringing them together as a project, matching supply and demand for knowledge and resources. These so-called grassroots projects must have sustainable impact on the well-being of each community.

We need you, let us do it together

“You” can be an individual or an organisation in Indonesia or in The Netherlands willing to start a new or to participate in an existing project in healthcare and looking for a reliable partner who has a broad network of experts with hands-on knowledge and experience. Together we can initiate and develop these projects. As a non-profit organisation we are strongly relying on support and sponsorship from our partners and donators.
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