Plastic Surgical Training Program

Plastic Surgical Training Program for Residents of The University of North Sumatra (USU)

Since 1993 the medical teams of department of plastic reconstructive and hand surgery of  the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam have participate in a  project for reconstructive, burns and lip and palate surgery in Harapan Jaya Rehabilisation Center in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatera, IndonesiaUnder the guidance of  Rev. Jeannette van Paassen,  Rev.
Xaveria-Haloho and former head Prof. dr. Jacques van der Meulen and now Prof dr Steven E.R. Hovius and drs J.Michiel Vaandrager M.D. en a few orthopedic surgeons almost 5500 selected patients (mainly children in 90%) have been treated in a 2 teams each 2 weeks scheme yearly in the period September- October.

Their involvement with the people of Indonesia became andament when Dr Tik Tan who was visiting his family in December 2004 in Medan called for help and assistance directly when the Tsunami disaster happened in Aceh.  During more than 6 weeks of emergency reconstructive surgery  125 severe trauma and 1500 “minor” surgical procedures where carried out by the team of Erasmus MC and orthopedic surgeons in collaboration with the local medical doctors at Rumah Sakit Deli and a few other hospitals in Medan and Harapan Jaya in Pematang Siantar.

Since 2008 a local plastic surgeon Dr Eddy Sutrisno spBP from the University of North-Sumatera (USU) was invited to work with the team. He was pleasantly surprised to see a dedicated and skilled team performing reconstructive operations with excellent results.  He was more than welcome to join the team and did so again in 2009.  During this visits and operating together he expressed his concerns about the lack of plastic and reconstructive capacity  in Medan, North Sumatera and Aceh (4 plastic surgeon only for a population of 19 millions people).

To start a training facility with in the faculty of plastic and reconstructive surgery at least 2 or 3 staff members should be added to the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the USU to supervise and teach the residents.  The possibility of a join venture training program between the departments of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the USU and Erasmus MC was then discussed and agreed that this was an excellent moment to start.

Project leaders and contact info:

Dr. Tik Tan, MD –


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