Education and training

  • undergrad medical student level; on an annual base: a group of 12-15 medical students for 6 weeks in Indonesia; individual student exchanges at incidental level
  • helped with founding master health sciences (UGM)
  • investigating possibilities to start a 2 years research master program Infection & Immunity at Eijkman in collaboration with major faculties. Laureates will obtain Erasmus full MSc degree complemented with the degree of home university
  • medical specialist level: helped with specialization training medical microbiology (UnDip), plastic surgery (USU)

Research and PhD training for clinical and medical faculties & university hospitals

  • 25 of the 58 departments have some kind of collaborations with Indonesian organizations
  • we shared 54 international research publications, including 4 Lancet publications, as a result of our collaborations

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We believe in accessible, affordable and high-quality healthcare as the cornerstone for healthier living conditions for everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, social status and religious background.

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