Progress of elderly care project in Indonesia

Partnering with Desa Emas and Nusantara Zorg

Our approach of the elderly care project in Indonesia:

In 2017 we signed a joint agreement with PT Abhiseva (part Desa Emas Foundation) and Nusantara Zorg elderly nursing home in The Netherlands to develop a sustainable project that aims to improve the health and well-being of the Indonesian elderly. This joint project focuses on these following key aspects:

1. Recruitment and selection of Indonesian nurses to be trained in Netherlands according to the curriculum of elderly care education in The Netherlands

2. Develop care concept and home care services in Indonesia based on the proven concept, guidelines and best practices from Europe and The Netherlands

3. Establish a Center-of-Excellence for ‘healthy ageing and elderly care’ in Indonesia

The progress of our collaboration:

We signed our joint agreement in the first quarter of 2017 and started our collaboration with all stakeholders. In the October 2017, Desa Emas Abhiseva team visited the Netherlands, hosted by Nusantara Zorg and facilitated by IDGNH/IAG for a very intensive week with activities like team building, sharing our passion, vision and mission, sharing  knowledge and experience and creating our joint plan that will lead to a feasible and sustainable realization of our common ambition and goals.

In the first quarter of 2018 we visited Jakarta to further refine our collaboration plan and agreed on the details of the first step, the education of nurses/caregivers in The Netherlands. In August of 2018, the Abhiseva team started recruitment campaign (Karir Perawatan) and by October 2018 eleven candidates were selected to follow our 12 months specialized education program in The Netherlands. In November 2018, the enthousiastic and motivated candidates started attending the Dutch language course at Erasmus Training Center in Jakarta. We are expecting their arrival in The Netherlands and start their education and traineeship by May 2019.

Mid of June 2019, 9 nurses from Indonesia arrived and started their assignment (on-the job training) at Stichting Nusantara Zorg in Bussum and Ugchelen for 12 months.

Project leaders and contact info

IDGNH and IAG The Netherlands
Andreas Tan 
Mobile: +31653244911

PT Abhiseva Desa Emas Indonesia
Dr. Ardhi Rasyid 
Mobile: +6281310225787

On the above picture:
Back row from left – Justin de Jong, Fiardhi Farzanggi & Saeful Satyadiguna (PT Abhiseva), Andreas Tan (IDGNH & IAG), Dr. Ardhi Rasyid (PT Abhiseva).
Front row from left – Dr. Wanarani Aries & Aries Muftie (Desa Emas), Frans Broekhuizen & Marja van der Linde.


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